“The opportunity to collaborate with the Humber College Online Solutions/The Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning – Applied Research and Innovation – has been nothing short of an amazing experience for our new company, Purple Stage Door Productions. From our very first introduction to the team, we felt welcomed and encouraged to share our story and were immediately in awe of the talents, diversity, creativity and professionalism that surrounded us. 

The ability of Hanadi Alnawab – Program Coordinator, Digital Business Management, Humber College  to connect us with a team of students and instructors who had a drive and willingness to grow and an endless enthusiasm to play each of their parts to their fullest potential, was truly remarkable. With a few paint swatches and a dream, the sub-teams of Web and Graphic Design, Content Strategy, and Media dove right in to learn more about us, our goals, and our values.

Jacqueline and Jennifer were our dynamic design duo – they shaped and delivered our company’s essence and mission with simple yet effective branding and graphics. We are so unbelievably proud of our brand new logo, marketing materials, and revamped mascot.

Prabhavi – Webmaster Extraordinaire! Her expertise and patience with us –  as we maneuver this online world – has been truly integral and appreciated beyond measure. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work alongside her and cannot wait to see what the future holds for her in web design.

Michallia put her heart and writing strengths into countless blogs for our website. She has a gift for capturing relatable experiences with the beauty of language arts.

Maia and Chris were all-stars as they filtered through our content, making it simple, concise, and accessible to our audiences and future members. They are true language artists and we deeply appreciate their significant contribution to the project.

By combining their strengths and specialities, the hands-on and engaging approach of Isabella, Andrew, Silvio and Spencer captured our company’s energy and passion through their videography and photography in the most natural and comfortable way possible. We are extremely proud of these media achievements and the valuable roles they have played, along this journey.

We are humbled and honoured to have collaborated with the endless potential of so many young individuals through this partnership. The opportunity to unlock potential for individuals of all abilities, not just on the theatre stage, has been rewarding and motivating. Much like the run of a theatre production, our time together felt way too short, but in the end, we produced results worthy of a standing ovation. Heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our Humber STARS!”. View Project

Tara Taylor, Purple Stage Door Productions

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with the entire team assigned to our project here at Unique Sand Casting. The Website(Content & Blog) team,Graphic Design/Branding Team & Media team all surpassed what I anticipated working with students learning the profession.  Everyone showed me such a high level of professionalism from start to end, their talents are amazing!

What I enjoyed and valued most is how the Graphic design / Branding team listened to our company vision, created various logos ( we originally had none), choose the perfect colours, imparted strategic ideas and gave me a clear “ why” to their strategy.  All this with just a sentence from me and it usually feels as if they are an extension of my brain, my thinking process. Incredible. I found Ricky and Jeremy to be a brilliant dream team.

Thomas in Content and web design,  provided a professional, quiet and strong system. He worked proactively in the background, and has such a strong knowledge of SEO’s and how to navigate traffic to our site.  He will be a treasurer to any organization. His pleasant demeanor provides an easy working relationship.  Another quiet storm is Devon for blogging. He had great ideas for Facebook, but showed his true talents in taking my point notes and spinning them into a masterpiece that grabs your attention and pulls out a chuckle while reading. I couldn’t have started without him.  Our blog is completely his creation.

Jonah’s in Photography is a talented  perfectionist. He has brought to life our dull pieces.  The care, the detail and the unrushed time he devoted on media day made the owners feel proud and it allowed us to take a second look at our products that we already knew were skillfully produced.  Thank you Jonah!  The media team, Jean-Luc and Avery led by Lauren did an excellent job showcasing our facility and producing the interview video with one of the owners. We thank you for your hard work and for your second visit to ensure we had the best exposure. And Gabriel Davin, video editor and my story creator behind the scenes, who took those video clips and put it all together in a beautiful strong visual story. Thank you.

Professors Hanadi, Leslie and Lauren, thank you so much for choosing this dream team for our project. I believe we had the best people on our team. You have guided your students throughout this project in such a professional way, while allowing them free rein to work with us imparting their talents and knowledge.  Hanadi, you are such a strong force,  a superwoman, I heard one of the students called you. You always get things done! And I leaned on that and I appreciate it.

Thank you for this sponsorship, We needed it as a new and small business and you have now placed us on equal grounds in social media with our competition.  Having brochures, website, Facebook and publicly access avenues allows our sale staff less travelling time, and makes us more visible to prospective customers.  An important thing that I would like you to know is that through the social media avenues created it has helped us to attain 1 new substantial business which promises to bring in enough work to hire another employee over the next month.  Thank you and all the best to you and your students.  I wish I could hire you all and keep you with me. I will miss your talents and your kindness.” View Project

Simone Stephenson, Unique Sand Casting Ltd.

“From the first meeting at the College, I felt as though the task was in capable hands of the students. They had prepared thoroughly, had an outline set, and asked all the questions necessary. This enabled them to set forth on the CVTA – College Voucher for Technology Adoption project. The way they interacted with me, the professors and the other team members was courteous, respectful and enthusiastic. As a diverse group, they were keen to acknowledge the contribution each other would make. There were students involved from the Business School, Media Studies and IT, and Liberal Arts & Sciences.

The team started with eight students and three professors, with Professor Hanadi Alnawab as the program lead. As the project progressed there were five more students included. In my case, the project involved a complete update of my website, and development of e-solutions. I now have a website and social media choices which current and potential clients can go to for information and an overall view of the services offered. The project not only refreshed the website, but also allowed me to take on a new perspective and approach to my business. I am very grateful for the time, effort and the results that the Professors and their team of students accomplished. As well as each student being able to practice their own skill set, I feel that this was a very valuable hands on experience for real world interpersonal communication. It was truly a privilege to have been involved.” View Project

Jewel Kirkham, Regenesis Fitness

“We are absolutely DELIGHTED with the project completed by the VEB team led by Professor Hanadi Alnawab at Humber College. For years, the platform we had been using was negatively impacting our business due to functional limitations. We made the decision to take another run at finding a new web design system. Professor Alnawab and her team introduced us to another system, WordPress and an overall better design approach to our website. We signed up for the VEB program right away.

Yesterday, we finished our migration to WordPress. The import process was flawless! We are DELIGHTED with the results. The new and improved website demonstrates a more ‘warmth and compassion’ perspective, and most importantly will yield high-level views that will allow us to run our business more effectively.

Each member of the project team worked collaboratively to design our ‘improved’ website. Farihah’s  web design was attractive and expressed compassion in our senior caregiving services.  Samantha and Anna were creative in designing the new Tree of Life logo and additional materials. The two Spencers’ were skillful with photography capturing ‘real life’ senior experiences.

The Tree of Life is grateful for all their hard work and that we got to meet and work with such amazing, creative individuals. We feel very privileged to have been a part of this amazing project.

Congratulations to Professor Alnawab & her team on a project well done.” View Project

Dr. Suzy Casimiro & RN Caroline Shemilt, Tree of Life Senior Caregiving Services 

“It was a pleasure to work with the entire Humber team. They were very accommodating, knowledgeable and patient with all of our questions. They share a wealth of knowledge from website design, to promo videos and graphic design. They helped us upgrade our website to something more modern and inviting. Thank you!” View Project

Danielle Ratford, Hanover Storage Inc.