Dr. Suzy Casimiro & RN Caroline Shemilt, Tree of Life Senior Caregiving Services 

“We are absolutely DELIGHTED with the project completed by the VEB team led by Professor Hanadi Alnawab at Humber College. For years, the platform we had been using was negatively impacting our business due to functional limitations. We made the decision to take another run at finding a new web design system. Professor Alnawab and her team introduced us to another system, WordPress and an overall better design approach to our website. We signed up for the VEB program right away.

Yesterday, we finished our migration to WordPress. The import process was flawless! We are DELIGHTED with the results. The new and improved website demonstrates a more ‘warmth and compassion’ perspective, and most importantly will yield high-level views that will allow us to run our business more effectively.

Each member of the project team worked collaboratively to design our ‘improved’ website. Farihah’s  web design was attractive and expressed compassion in our senior caregiving services.  Samantha and Anna were creative in designing the new Tree of Life logo and additional materials. The two Spencers’ were skillful with photography capturing ‘real life’ senior experiences.

The Tree of Life is grateful for all their hard work and that we got to meet and work with such amazing, creative individuals. We feel very privileged to have been a part of this amazing project.

Congratulations to Professor Alnawab & her team on a project well done.”

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