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Hanadi Alnawab, Program Lead, Faculty of Business 

Hanadi is the Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Commerce – Digital Business Management degree program at The Faculty of Business, Humber College. She has been teaching at The Faculty of Business since 2006, and successfully leading Humber Online Solutions since 2015. Hanadi is a passionate teacher and enjoys working with her students on various projects both inside and outside the classroom.

Hanadi has been recognized as the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award 2018, and the League For Innovation in the Community College – Innovation of the Year Award 2019.

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Research Assistants Team Fall 2020:

  1. Alexandra Belen
  2. Devan Shingadia
  3. Devon Hunter
  4. Ehljeiy Constantino
  5. Eldar Michaelov
  6. Faduma Ahmed
  7. Juan Carlos Venegas
  8. Lionel Campbell
  9. Mackenzie Klin
  10. Michallia Marks
  11. Racha Ayaso
  12. Ryn Hyeryun Hong
  13. Samantha Dolan
  14. Samantha Ruth
  15. Susan Hoque
  16. Thomas Durham
  17. Val Kim
  18. Wendy Escajadillo

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