Meet Our Team

Hanadi Alnawab, Program Lead, The Business School 

Hanadi is the Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Commerce – Digital Business Management degree program at the Business School, Humber College. She has been teaching at The Business School since 2006, and successfully leading this program since 2015. Hanadi is a passionate teacher and enjoys working with her students on various projects both inside and outside the classroom. Website:, LinkedIn

Lauren Ashmore, School of Media Studies 

Cinematography professor with over 8 years’ experience in digital and film photography and video production specializing in lighting and camera work. Lauren has led crews as a director of photography on festival screened short film productions such as Her with Me (TIGLFF 2014) and To Romero with Love (Comic-con 2012) and has taken on highly technical projects such as a 3D commercial set for Wild Aid. In addition, she enjoys experimenting with her business education and the online world as a digital marketing content creator allowing her to work with new media such as gifs, web design, and whatever creative outlet she can find. LinkedIn

Leslie Harrod, School of Media Studies 

Leslie Harrod is a typography nerd at heart. Along with her vast collections of wood type, marquee letters, and film ephemera, she always on the hunt for curious ampersands and the perfect stationary. She currently teaches typography at Humber College. LinkedIn

Meaghan Strimas, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Meaghan Strimas is a writer and editor. She is the coordinator of Humber College’s Professional Writing & Communications program, and all English and ESOL courses at the Lakeshore campus. She is also the editor of the Humber Literary Review.

Research Assistants Team 2018/2019:

Web and Graphic Design:

  1. Emily (Xi) Zheng (LinkedIn)
  2. Prabhavi Vashisht (LinkedIn)
  3. Thomas Durham (LinkedIn)
  4. Uche Umolu (LinkedIn)
  5. Emily Varley (LinkedIn)
  6. Jacqueline Simpson (LinkedIn)
  7. Jennifer Gagnon (LinkedIn)
  8. Jeremy King
  9. Konor Abrahams (LinkedIn)
  10. Oscar Miguel Flores Aldana
  11. Ricky Martin
  12. Sarah Lacasse (LinkedIn)
  13. Shafi Dorani (LinkedIn)

Content Strategy:

  1. Amanda Rice (LinkedIn)
  2. Devon Hunter (LinkedIn)
  3. Giuliano Vieira (LinkedIn)
  4. Michallia Marks (LinkedIn)
  5. Chris Deacon (LinkedIn)
  6. Maia Leggott (LinkedIn)
  7. Kaysey Davis (LinkedIn)
  8. Allie Gregory (LinkedIn)
  9. Caitlyn Crews
  10. Laura O’Brien


  1. Andrew Ko (LinkedIn)
  2. Avery Price (LinkedIn)
  3. Casey Spencer (LinkedIn)
  4. Daniel Fronduti (LinkedIn)
  5. Darani Urgessa
  6. Isabella Carrera Alves (LinkedIn)
  7. Jean-Luc Moniz (LinkedIn)
  8. Jonah Zapparoli (LinkedIn)
  9. Silvio Fasulo
  10. Spencer Fu (LinkedIn)
  11. Gabriel Davin


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