Join Our Team

We are looking for current Humber students with excellent problem solving, time management, teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills to join our Fall 2020 team. Our team members are hard-working, adaptable, and willing to manage challenging workloads and tight deadlines, as well as being open to learning new things with minimum direction.

Due to COVID-19, all work will be completed remotely, students are expected to attend online meetings with their client(s) and team as needed.

Visit the following link for more information about the project. The following are the positions available for Fall 2020:

  • Research Assistant – Project Coordinator
    • Works closely with the Program Lead on overseeing and coordinating the team and tasks for the duration of the project
  • Research Assistant – Digital Marketing & Social Media Coordinator
    • Works closely with the Project Coordinator 
    • Plans, creates and manages social media posts
  • Research Assistant – Webinar Producer
    • Works closely with the Host on identifying potential guests, planning the webinar, and developing the interview questions
    • Manages the flow of questions during the webinar
  • Research Assistant – Webinar Host 
    • Works closely with the Producer on identifying potential guests, planning the webinar, and developing the interview questions
    • Interviews the guest on Zoom
  • Research Assistant – Creative Video Editor 
    • Works closely with the Producer and Host
    • Edits the recorded webinar
  • Research Assistant – Copywriter  
    • Edits blog posts created by the WRIT 100 students

For all the above, students are expected to have access to the necessary software to complete their task, and will be reporting directly to Hanadi Alnawab, Program Lead.

To apply:

Before you apply, please check the FAQs page, you can also read what our students say about the experience.

If you are a Humber student interested in joining the team, please send your digital portfolio, or resume including samples of your work to and indicate the specific job in the subject line.

Please include your student number, program, and semester in your message.

Application deadline: Friday June 19, 2020

Interviews will take place online during June 22- 26, 2020

We thank all applicants for their interest,
however only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.