FAQ (Students)

Is this a paid job? 

  • Yes, students are paid an hourly rate.

Can the hours count for my Work Placement?

  • Please connect with your Program Coordinator and Placement Advisor to discuss this.

What is my job title? what can I put on my resume? 

  • As a Humber student, you will be hired by Humber’s Applied Research & Innovation, as a “Research Assistant”, your task will vary based on the project. Examples are: WordPress development, SEO, graphic design, business research, photography, videography, professional writing, blog and Social Media integration.
  • You will be working with a small team of your Humber colleagues on one or more industry projects, reporting to the faculty lead.

Do I need to work on-campus? 

  • Due to COVID-19, all work will be completed remotely, and meetings will take place online.
  • We will work together on setting meeting times based on your availability and timetable. Meetings may take place during evenings or weekends.

How many hours per week am I expected to work?

  • Flexible hours depending on your timetable, project requirements, and availability to meet with clients.

Will I have to work on this during my exams? or during the holidays?

  • No meetings will be scheduled during exam weeks or holidays.

Does this qualify as a co-curricular experience?