Student Experience

“Working with local jewelry designer Luma Awad, owner of Inamullumani  and Humber Online Solutions in developing the #DandelionDreams initiative has been an incredible opportunity to both support the Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton and to support the development of a brand initiative in a very practical way.

Working with Humber Online Solutions is the chance to apply what I have learned in my Professional Writing and Communications Certificate to projects outside of the classroom, develop new skills, and network with the community. I am very grateful to support this creative fundraiser.”

– Aleeshia Carman, Professional Writing & Communications

“Humber Online Solutions gave me the opportunity to gain valuable experience working directly with a client. This project made me a more effective problem solver, who is eager to continue working on meaningful projects with clients. It gave me the chance to use skills I have learned in school, for a real life situation. It also allowed me to learn new skills from working with a great team and client.”

– Konor Abrahams, Graphic Design, Advanced Diploma

“Working as a research assistant in the Humber Online Solutions project was the perfect opportunity for me to get real-life experience with clients. During three months I worked on a branding project with the aim of refreshing and updating the image of a local fitness centre. This project allowed me to learn and practice core skills that I will be using after I graduate, such as time management, communication and presentation skills and teamwork. I can say that more than a job, it was a learning experience because I got to interact with a client and follow a design process, this time out of school assignments. I want to thank Leslie Harrod for inviting me to join the project, my design partner Konor Abrahams for teaching me along the way and Hanadi Alnawab for being the critical link between the client and us.”

– Oscar Aldana, Graphic Design, Advanced Diploma

“Working on these projects was a valuable opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, as as we were able to connect with small businesses and get feedback from real clients. We were able to hone our design skills while learning how to communicate and listen more effectively, and it was wonderful to collaborate with business owners in order to help them realize their visions. Seeing my clients’ excitement when they were happy with their new logo was so rewarding! It was a unique opportunity to extend our learning and gain professional experience.”

– Jacqueline Simpson, Graphic Design, Advanced Diploma

“Working with Humber Online Solutions has been all around an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to work with real life professional partners, with the goal of delivering creative solutions for their companies. As designers, we had the freedom to get to know our clients and create design solutions that not only fit their criteria, but their personalities as well. Not only did I gain professional experience, which is such a great opportunity as a student, but I had also worked alongside a team of dedicated and talented students to ensure the client’s needs were fulfilled. All of the connections and experiences I have gained have definitely contributed to my preparation for the workplace, as well an overall excellent experience with Humber Online Solutions.”

– Jennifer Gagnon, Graphic Design, Advanced Diploma

“The CTVA program was the real deal. It delivered on the “hands-on” experience that every student hopes to get out of an advanced skills diploma. Working side-by-side with one of my professors as a colleague not only gave me the to opportunity to use the skills I learned in class in a professional setting, it brought into reality the experience of being a working videographer within an organized team, along with the confidence to pursue a career. We were involved in the entirety of the project, from the initial consultations with our clients, through to production, and into final delivery. I will likely remember this program as one of the more rewarding experiences from my student career and it can serve as a starting point for my CV.”

– Andrew Ko, Film and Television Production, Advanced Diploma

“Participating in CVTA has been an amazing part of my college experience! I get to work with top tier students, all with various backgrounds and skills. Together with business entrepreneurs, from various fields and industries, we work together solving their real world marketing problems. Some of the things that we work on include the following: market research, branding, pricing strategy, photography, videography, interviewing, and website design.  

Not only do we get to apply the knowledge that we have gained through school, but the best part of the experience is learning on the fly and overcoming any obstacles or shortcomings that inevitably come up with any real business. The soft skills that I have developed in problem-solving issues, collaborating with clients, communicating with the team, and project and task management have been an invaluable part of my Humber experience! I highly recommend anyone interested in getting hands-on business and marketing experience with some amazing entrepreneurs to get involved with CVTA!”

“I am thrilled to have been a part of the CVTA team. I got the opportunity to work with persons from various cultural backgrounds, who possessed a wide range of skills. I was also able to network and develop friendships with persons from different programs. I enjoyed working with my client and creating content that she was very pleased with. It was an absolutely incredible experience where I developed transferable skills such as patience, listening, and problem solving. I eagerly look forward to being a part of future CVTA projects.”

– Michallia Marks, Digital Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce

“Participating in the CVTA team was a great opportunity to put in practice the lessons I have learned in class over the past semesters. By helping clients bring their business strategy and message to the visual medium, I got to not only exercise many hands-on technical skills, but also gain experience in real-life problem-solving and bond with fellow colleagues and faculty members. I recommend it to all Humber students.” 

– Isabella Carrera, Film and Television Production, Advanced Diploma

“Being able to work as a member in the CVTA project was truly an invaluable experience. We had the opportunity to work directly with Canadian businesses on building a strong and sustainable web presence. I utilized my business and technology skills to development and implement e-commerce technology solutions that drives innovation. The experiential learning process is directly related to my field of study and helped me develop essential soft skills as I engage with partners, work in multidisciplinary teams and manage time on various tasks. The team work had produced a outcome that encompasses knowledge and focus from various faculties, such as web, graphic design, media and professional writing. The hands-on experience contributes to my study at Humber and prepares me for my future career. I would highly recommend the CVTA project to anyone who is interested in gaining real-world business experience!”

– Emily Zheng, Digital Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce

“The CVTA experience has been life-changing for both my personal, professional life.  Working with real clients has allowed me to succeed in managing relationships and delivering on time material. Through the development and revamping of their online presence, we were able to offer the clients insights on the importance of SEO/SEM. Our team collaborated with the clients to ensure the recreation of their logo maintains their brand identity. Managing this project has allowed me to expand my current skill set, learn from others, and take on leadership roles. Overall, this experience has allowed me to narrow my interest regarding where I see my career headed. I am very thankful to be given this opportunity, and I look forward to more to come. I highly recommend businesses and students to be part of the CVTA Experience.”

– Amanda Rice,  Digital Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce

“The VEB experience has been absolutely exceptional for me. I was given the opportunity not only to do web development, but also to conduct market research, rebrand the business, and assist in the production of photography sessions with the client. Something unique about my project was that in addition to creating a functioning e-commerce website using Shopify, we were also working towards creating labels and branding that we would be able to see physically in stores. Overall, working with the VEB team was outstanding. I was able to acquire new skills and techniques on the job that I will be able to carry with me throughout my career. I have a greater understanding of the field I wish to pursue. I also have a greater passion for web development and entrepreneurial ventures. I am grateful for the experience and would encourage students to participate in the VEB experience.”  

– Kiran Bajwa, Digital Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce


“Working on the VEB team was an excellent hands-on learning experience. Throughout the course of the project, our team worked closely with the client to create her brand, website and company presentation video. For me, the most amazing part about VEB was working in a dynamic team environment. Each of us had different areas of specialization ( web development, graphic design, photography & video) and seeing us work together to bring our client the best result was an incredible learning experience I would recommend to any student. Being the web developer on the team, the project helped me perfect my WordPress development skills and gave me the opportunity to grow interpersonal skills such as problem solving, decision making and time management. Overall, the VEB project is a valuable asset in any student’s portfolio and a great opportunity for small business owners in Ontario to revamp or create their brand.

At the end of the project I was able to include the Research Assistant role on my resume – this opened so many doors for me when I started my Masters degree at Ryerson University. With this research experience I was able to get a role as a Graduate Assistant within Ted Rogers School of Management.

Farihah Chowdhury

“The VEB program provides a place where you can learn new skills and develop existing ones. In my case, going into this program I only knew the bare minimum about Shopify, but now I can say I’m a pro at it. I was also able to put into practice what I learnt in my Business Research Methods class to conduct market research for the first time in a professional environment. Being given the opportunity to work with clients and apply knowledge learnt in class outside of school was a very rewarding for me, and I encourage other students and business owners to take part. VEB is a great way for small business owners to work with students to help develop, or rebrand their image, without the crazy costs. All that’s needed is your time and dedication to work along with a talented team.

The best part of this experience would have to be the client’s reaction towards the end. Knowing that we were able to deliver the vision they had in mind and help make it a reality just goes to shows that all of the hard work put into the VEB projects is worth it, and pays off. VEB is also a great resume builder and has given me a competitive advantage over other students since I was able to gain all this experience while still studying in school.”

– Farihah Chowdhury, Digital Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce