Winter 2021 Process & Best Practices


  • Zoom: will be used to host our webinars for up to 100 attendees, it’s common to have 50% attendance, so we can easily take registrations past the 100 limit
  • Students teams and guests will be added as “panelists” and will receive a Zoom invite


Communications (view doc)

  1. Recruiting Guest Speakers (Hanadi – Nov 2020)
  2. Student / Guest Introductions (Hanadi – week 3 Winter 2021)
    • Student teams: you will be CC’d on this message, please do not “reply-all”
    • The Producer will introduce the team and their roles in a follow-up message next week (see below)
  3. Planning a Production Call (Producer – week 4 Winter 2021)
    • CC all team members, and Hanadi
    • Introduce your committee members (name and role), and suggest few dates/times to meet with the guest. Ask the guest if they have a preferred platform (you all have access to MS Teams)
    • The objective of the Production Call is to get to know the guest and present your plan, discuss and get feedback. Plan to have at least 3 team members attend this meeting along with the Producer.
  4. Next step