Timesheet Submission

Timesheet submission dates for 2018 are:

  • Sept 14, 2018 (noon)

Students are to submit the hours worked for 2 weeks period, on the above dates by noon. As your supervisor, I have until 4 PM on the same day to approve the hours.

More info is available on the Humber Research website: http://humber.ca/research/students/timesheets

To Submit Your Hours: 

  • Login to the timesheet management system (view instructions here) and submit your hours, this has to be done on-campus (Yes, you need to be physically on-campus). Therefore, please make sure you  do this anytime you’re on-campus, and not wait until Friday noon.
  • To approve the hours, I need an email sent by noon (on the deadline) with the following:
    • Subject line: Timesheet date / your full name / Total hours submitted
      • For example Timesheet Feb 2 / Hanadi Alnawab / 9 hours
    • Body of message: Include a brief breakdown of the hours submitted, with the dates. This can be simply a table copied and pasted from an Excel sheet you keep to track your work for the two weeks period. Make sure you include the total number of hours worked for the two weeks only. For example:
Date Hours Description
Jan 8 1.5 Meeting with client (Caroline)
Jan 10 2 Creating digital logo variations
Jan 11 1.5 Creating layout options
Jan 15 2 Configuring WordPress theme, widgets
Jan 16 2 Renaming images (SEO) and adding gallery pages
  • Please note that only hours submitted as described above will be approved.
  • For us to track the project budget, hours need to be submitted on the due date for the 2 weeks period, hours cannot be submitted for previous months.
  • The maximum number of hours allowed per time-sheet is 48 hours (24 hours per week)

Please note that the above is needed, to be kept on file, for reporting purposes.