Timesheet Submission

Mark your calendar: Timesheet submission due dates for 2018 are

Timesheet submission due date Payroll Period Direct Deposit Date
Friday Sept 14, 2018 (noon) Sept 1 – Sept 14 Sept 28, 2018
Friday Sept 28, 2018 (noon) Sept 15 – Sept 28 Oct 12, 2018
Friday Oct 12, 2018 (noon) Sept 29 – Oct 12 Oct 26, 2018
Friday Oct 26, 2018 (noon) Oct 13 – Oct 26 Nov 9, 2018
Friday Nov 9, 2018 (noon) Oct 27 – Nov 9 Nov 23, 2018
Friday Nov 23, 2018 (noon) Nov 10 – Nov 23 Dec 7, 2018
Friday Dec 7, 2018 (noon) Nov 24 – Dec 7 Dec 21, 2018
Friday Dec 21, 2018 (noon) Dec 8 – Dec 21 Jan 4, 2019

More info is available on the Humber Research website: https://www.humber.ca/research/students/#information


To submit your hours, you MUST complete the following two steps: 

  1. Login to the timesheet management system (view instructions here) and submit your hours by the due date/time. This has to be done on-campus (Yes, you need to be physically on-campus), please make sure you submit your hours anytime you’re on-campus, and not wait until Friday noon.
  2. To approve the hours, you will need to email hanadi.alnawab@humber.ca and CC your manager (Leslie if you’re on the Graphic Design team, and Lauren if you’re on the Media team) by Friday noon (on the deadline) with the following:
    • Subject line: Timesheet date / your full name / Total hours submitted
      • For example Timesheet Sept 14 / Jane Smith / 9 hours
    • Body of message: Include a brief breakdown of the hours submitted, with the dates. This can simply be a table copied and pasted from an Excel sheet you keep to track your work for the bi-weekly payroll period. Make sure you include the total number of hours worked for the two weeks only. For example:
Date Hours Description
Jan 8 1.5 Meeting with client (Caroline)
Jan 10 2 Creating digital logo variations
Jan 11 1.5 Creating layout options
Jan 15 2 Configuring WordPress theme, widgets
Jan 16 2 Renaming images (SEO) and adding gallery pages
  • The following is a template you can use
  • Please note that only hours submitted as described above will be approved.
  • The maximum number of hours allowed per time-sheet is 48 hours (24 hours per week)


Timesheets that are not submitted on time will result in delayed payment. A reoccurrence of late timesheet submissions may result in removal from the project.