Team FAQs

Hourly rate & timesheet submission for Research Assistants

  • The hourly rate is $15.60 per hour, plus 4% vacation pay (total of $16.22)
  • Research Assistants can not get course credit for their work
  • The total hours for your assigned project will be agreed on when you get hired, and maybe adjusted if the project requirements change throughout the semester
  • The hours will be submitted by Hanadi Alnawab directly to Applied Research and Innovations over 2-4 timesheets. This means that you will not need to login to the HR system and submit the hours
  • New hires will get paid up to 5 hours for completing the required training modules, the 5 hours will be included in the total hours agreed at the start of the project and will not be submitted separately

Team Structure 

As a Research Assistant, you are part of a multi-disciplinary team and will be working closely with your team members, reporting directly to your faculty lead, Hanadi Alnawab.

Communications with clients

We will be communicating with our clients mainly through email, please make sure you CC me on ALL communications with your client.

Meetings with clients

We will be meeting regularly with our clients for the duration of the project, meetings will be arranged by your Faculty Lead at a time and place that works for everyone involved in that meeting. A Faulty Lead must be present at any meeting that involves students and clients.

The meetings can take place at the Lakeshore campus, or at the client’s business location, as needed. We may occasionally need to meet the client half-way at a public area such a coffee shop. Online meetings through Skype or Zoom are also a great option and have worked very well for us in the past. We will have to be resourceful, flexible and make it work for everyone!

Funding for the projects

The projects are funded through Humber’s Applied Research & Innovation.

Travel reimbursement form (IF NEEDED)

Please speak with me directly about travel expenses before you make any arrangements to travel to the client’s site ARI – TRAVEL OTHER EXPENSE Form

Job Title / how to put it on your resume and LinkedIn

You will be hired by Humber’s Applied Research and Innovation as a “Research Assistant”, and that’s how this position should be listed on your resume, LinkedIn …etc. The technical details can be listed in the description (graphic design, photography, WordPress development …etc)

Co-curricular Experience

This job qualifies for co-curricular experience and can be added to your Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

Team page

Please check the team page and let me know your LinkedIn profile or any other online profile you’d like to share through that page