WordPress Best Practices

WordPress Account

  • All business partners have been asked to purchase the Premium account, giving us access to Unlimited Premium Theme
  • WP account will be created by the client, website will be “private” for the duration of development, and all team members will be added as users with the appropriate rights (Admin, Viewer)

Create the Website & Configure a BASIC Theme

  • Create the pages and a suggested navigation menu based on the project requirements discussed during your first meeting with the client  
  • Configure a basic theme with no colours (black and white for example) 
  • Present your work to the client, discuss structure and content
  • clarify that colour and branding will be added once that part becomes available from the graphic designer

Theme Options

  • Prepare and present 3-5 theme options, discuss and understand what may or may not work for the client
  • Communicate to your client why you feel a certain direction will be the best for their company, but be open to feedback and always listen to what they want

Configure the Chosen Theme

  • Configure the chosen theme using the branding assets provided by the graphic designer (logo, colours)
  • Be prepared to change the theme as it may not work for various reasons
  • This step will require communications with the graphic designer to provide the logo in specific dimensions based on the theme(s)

Refine Website Structure

  • This is an iterative and collaborative process, be prepared to repeat this step until a final decision is reached
  • Continue to plug-in content as it becomes available from other team members

Finalize Website Structure and Theme Configuration: 

  • Discuss and finalize website structure, content, and widgets
  • Present final website, dashboard and User Manual to client



Resizing of Featured Images: 

  • Check the demo link for the selected theme (example: prosperity theme), and find out any published specs for the featured images.
  • Connect with the Graphic Designer on your project team and ask them to provide placeholder image(s) of various dimensions, with thick red boarder that you can try on the website before using actual pictures. See example below, this might be an iterative process as different WordPress themes might “crop” the image.
Example of an image placeholder


Example of an image placeholder


Testing both options on the website


  • Once the right size is identified, choose (with the client) image options to be used, and ask the Graphic Designer to edit them to the right size, please avoid cropping the image through WordPress, as your Graphic Designer is able to provide the image in the right size with the best quality.

Image SEO 

The file name should be descriptive, keyword-rich, and separated with hyphens. The Alternative Text is read by the computer for those who are unable to
see your images. Caption is useful for persons who may just be scanning the article. Ensure that these are added to any image you use in your blog post. Visit the following link for more info