Technology & Corporate Wellness at rxRecourse

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This experiential learning class project is a collaboration between the BUS 3003 e-Business Information Systems & Technology course at the Longo Faculty of Business, and our industry partner rxRecourse; a Canadian fitness business based in Toronto.

The students will be working in teams to design and develop an App prototype for our industry partner using Create with Play for App design, and MethodKit cards for collaborative brainstorming and problem solving.

MethodKit for Class Work

App Development MethodKit (week 2)

Using the MethodKit for App Development; Things to Keep in Mind while Developing an App, students worked in three large groups to explore the App Development process by going through the cards, brainstorming the new concepts, identifying patters and classifying the cards accordingly. The student had no prior knowledge or the topic, so this activity was an introduction to both the topic and MethodKit cards. The student teams submitted a picture of their final card arrangement.

Service Design MethodKit (week 3)

The group project was introduced, and students used the MethodKit for Service Design to identify concepts that are relevant to their client. Students have basic knowledge of “Service Design” through previous courses, and have used MethodKits in the previous week, they submitted a picture of their final card arrangement.

Human Needs MethodKit (week 4)

The group project was discussed in detail, and a third MethodKit set was added to the mix: MethodKit with Human Needs to explore the human needs in relation to the project. Students worked in six teams (two teams per MethodKit), and each team had to fill a template to share their brainstorming results.

MethodKit Class Work Deliverables (week 4)

Next steps:

  • The list of questions to be finalized (week 5)
  • Virtual meeting session scheduled for Nov 7 (week 9)
  • Play demo (week 10)
  • Full hands-on “Play” session (week 11)
  • Final presentations to client (week 13)

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