About the Winter 2021 series

Success: A Digital Era Edition

Connecting current Humber students with alumni & industry

The following ten webinars were planned and produced during the Winter 2021 semester as a collaboration between students from The Faculty of Business and students from the The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

The project leads for this series are  Hanadi Alnawab, professor and program coordinator of the Digital Business Management BComm program at the Faculty of Business and Meaghan Strimas, professor and program coordinator of the Professional Writing & Communications program at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Innovative Learning.

Learn More & Watch the Recording Guest(s)
Shopify: Build your own e-commerce storePrabhavi Vashisht
Instagram AnalyticsAmanda Rice
Google AnalyticsMartin Perez
MailChimpIrina Gorea
Panel Discussion: Pathways to Success: Defining the job market in times of changeEvelyn Reynolds
Gayatri Seth
Transam Urdarbe
Self-Care & Mental WellnessCandice Hamilton-Miller,
CHM Therapy Services
Engaging Teams & Building Culture in LockdownBen Wise,
Head of Programmatic Media at Google
Panel Discussion: Fitness & WellbeingLori Ann McLeod, ONYX Fitness
Joshua Wilkinson, Colossus Fitness
Wilfred Valenta, Silofit
Personal BrandingMelissa Chito,
Sweet P Marketing & Design
Emerging Technologies: Augmented RealityJon Wade,
AR/VR Product Manager at Shopify
Entrepreneurship Journey: Insights & Lessons LearnedSarah White,
The Girl Floral Lifestyle Boutique
Panel Discussion: Digital Business Management BComm AlumniLauren Ashmore
Irina Gorea
Budgeting: Talk Might Be Cheap, but It Counts When It Comes to Your Money & Mental HealthRenee Sylvestre-Williams
Panel Discussion: Engaging Your Audience OnlineHeather Greenwood Davis
Lisa Azzuolo

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