Regenesis Fitness

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About Regenesis Fitness

Located in Milton, Ontario, Regenesis Fitness offers Personalized Training Service and nutritional guidance.


The Project:

Web development, blogging, SEO, content strategy, branding, graphic design, social media, photography and videography.


Funding for this project provided by the Government of Ontario through Ontario Centres of Excellence, a member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.

Progress Meetings:

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Media Day Saturday Sept 22: We started at the Milton Farmers’ Market in the morning, then back to Regenesis for interviews

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Graphic Design: 

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“From the first meeting at the College, I felt as though the task was in capable hands of the students. They had prepared thoroughly, had an outline set, and asked all the questions necessary. This enabled them to set forth on the CVTA – College Voucher for Technology Adoption project. The way they interacted with me, the professors and the other team members was courteous, respectful and enthusiastic. As a diverse group, they were keen to acknowledge the contribution each other would make. There were students involved from the Business School, Media Studies and IT, and Liberal Arts & Sciences. The team started with eight students and three professors, with Professor Hanadi Alnawab as the program lead. As the project progressed there were five more students included. In my case, the project involved a complete update of my website, and development of e-solutions. I now have a website and social media choices which current and potential clients can go to for information and an overall view of the services offered. The project not only refreshed the website, but also allowed me to take on a new perspective and approach to my business. I am very grateful for the time, effort and the results that the Professors and their team of students accomplished. As well as each student being able to practice their own skill set, I feel that this was a very valuable hands on experience for real world interpersonal communication. It was truly a privilege to have been involved.”

Jewel Kirkham, Regenesis Fitness

Humber Team:

Faculty Lead:

Web and Graphic Design:

Content Strategy: