Mode Art Poster Exhibit


This webinar is part of our Fall 2020 Building Digital Capacity project.

The project lead for this webinar is Jennifer Reitano, professor and program coordinator of the Fashion Arts and Business program at the Faculty of Business.

About the Exhibit

Hosted by third semester Fashion Arts & Business students, Mode Art Poster Exhibit offered our students the opportunity to showcase their skills in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to create a poster that exemplified the concept of ‘Survival’. The concept – which was also decided by the students – is inspired by the roller coaster experience we’ve all faced during the year 2020. Everyone in attendance at our event had a chance to vote for their favourite poster and the one with the most votes will be used to promote the annual Walk It Out fashion show at the end of the school year. Read the full story: Fashion Students Learn to Survive in a Changing Fashion Industry, by Camille Lopez

Humber Team

Fashion Arts and Business Students:

  • Qandeel Gillandi – Host
  • Sarah Emeid – Charity and Sponsorship
  • Priyanka Vohra -Technical Production
  • Tyanna Lewis – Social Media
  • Camille Lopez – Public Relations
  • Roena Torres – Graphic Design
  • Aditya Patel – Production
  • Julianna Julianna DiGiacomantonio – Risk Management

Video Editing:

  • Ehljeiy Constantino, Bachelor of Film and Media Production, Faculty of Media & Creative Arts

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