Lisa’s Pet Care

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About Lisa’s Pet Care:

Lisa’s Pet Care is a small business located in Cambridge, Ontario.


The Project:

Web development, blogging, SEO, content strategy, branding, graphic design, social media, and photography.


Funding for this project provided by Humber College’s Applied Research & Innovation. Updates on this project are available through our experiential learning link: learn more about how this project was used in class to support Lisa’s business.

Progress Meetings:

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Graphic Design:

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“I can’t believe how far I have come since starting this journey with Hanadi and her class. I really didn’t know how or what I was doing but knew (or thought I did) where I wanted to go. 

I had zero understanding or knowledge on how to create a webpage or purposefully use social media to help build and market my business.

The FASH 4500/BUS2504 class both developed my business website and my personal direction. The classes level of dedication to teaching me how to steer my on-line presence, my graphic design development and business goals were amazing. What a talented group of young people!

Hanadi’s experience steers the students through the curriculum using real life small businesses in need of help and creates a unique learning experience for both the students and the small business owner.

Thank you Hanadi, class of FASH4500/BUS2504, Jacqueline, Amanda and Spencer!”

Much Love and Appreciation,

Lisa Rankin, Lisa’s Pet Care

Humber Team:

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Web and Graphic Design: