Web Scraping


This webinar is part of our Fall 2020 Building Digital Capacity project.

The project lead for this webinar is Hanadi Alnawab, professor and program coordinator of the Digital Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce program at the Faculty of Business.

About the Webinar

Do you want to learn how successful companies use web scraping to gather real time customer data? This webinar gives you an overview of web scraping, and walks you through how to use Webscraper.io to scrape information, Amazon will be used as an example during the session.

Web scraping is a method of data extraction that can be used to quickly analyze data from several websites. In the workshop, we will create a web scraper for amazon.com using a Google Chrome plug-in called Web Scraper.io. 

As a marketer sometimes you feel like it’s impossible to determine the right USP’s (Unique selling points) for your new product. How do you set the right price for your new product and what do customers look at when buying your products? 

This research can be a time-consuming process but luckily, web scraping makes it much easier to work with data gathered from real customer behaviour. 


  • Understand what web scraping is, what it does, and how you can use it. 
  • You will learn about basic data structuring.
  • Extract useful information that will help improve your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Learn how to analyze data on Microsoft Excel.
  • Learn how to gather data from real customers and understand their shopping behavior.
  • You will learn to use Chrome Developer Tools for investigating a website’s HTML format.

About the Presenter

Tim Vromans is the owner and Founder of Digital Concepting. He is based in the Netherlands where he recently graduated with an Honours Degree in Commercial Economics from Fontys University of Applied Sciences. He has extensive experience developing new business concepts that he uses to digitise companies. Tim has been recognized for his outstanding accomplishments in the digital space by The Next Web, an annual series of conferences focused on new technology and start-up companies in Europe.

At Digital Concepting, he works with clients on various projects to create innovative ideas and plans the finances, marketing, and development of the concepts. He’s worked with Smartweares to implement a multi touch screen that was used during the grand IFA trade show in Berlin, and has also collaborated on projects where he’s built algorithms that have predicted the prices of houses in the Netherlands and the prices of company competitors. Tim has also contributed in the development of the Amsterdam Arena concept called: smart stadium. A stadium that transformed depending on what countries would play during the EURO 2020. Connect with Tim on LinkedIn!

DateSaturday Oct 3, 2020
Time10:00 to 11:00 AM

Humber Team

  • Alexandra Belen, Digital Business Management – Bachelor of Commerce, Faculty of Business
  • Eldar Michaelov, Digital Business Management – Bachelor of Commerce, Faculty of Business
  • Faduma Ahmed, Digital Business Management – Bachelor of Commerce, Faculty of Business
  • Michallia Marks, Digital Business Management – Bachelor of Commerce, Faculty of Business
  • Ehljeiy Constantino, Bachelor of Film and Media Production, Faculty of Media & Creative Arts

Student Engagement

The following work was completed as part of the WRIT 100 course, supervised by Heba Al-samarrie, professor at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Innovative Learning

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