The Future of Technology in Retail


This webinar is part of our Fall 2020 project: Building Digital Capacity, funded by Humber’s Applied Research and Innovations.

About the Webinar

Coming soon

About the Presenter

Presented by Irina Gorea. Irina is a social media researcher with a passion for influencer marketing. She holds a Masters Degree from Ryerson University where she studied the role of Instagram influencers on consumer behaviour. Irina also worked as a researcher at the Social Media Lab, an interdisciplinary research lab at Ted Rogers School of Management. A Humber College alumni, Irina completed her Marketing Diploma and Bachelors Degree in Digital Business Management.

Irina is currently the Marketing Manager at Greenloc Environmental Hoarding, and a part-time professor at the Faculty of Business, Humber College.

DateWednesday Sept 23, 2020
Time7:00 to 8:00 PM
RegisterationComing soon

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