Blogging Best Practices


This webinar is part of our Fall 2020 project: Building Digital Capacity, funded by Humber’s Applied Research and Innovations.

About the Webinar

Learn how to write a successful blog! In this webinar, you will understand the value of blogging and how it correlates to marketing. Alongside learning how to write a successful blog, you will understand; 

  • How blogging correlates to marketing
  • The value of blogging
  • The best practices of blogging
  • How to do market research on your blog topic

After you watch this webinar you will be able to;

  • Increase a website’s traffic
  • Grow brand awareness for yourself or an employer
  • Impress potential employers
  • Write a blog that will be worth a read

If you see yourself marketing, writing, or building your own business, join us!

About the Presenter

This webinar is presented by Thomas Durham, a recent graduate of the Digital Business Management BComm program and a freelance digital marketer

DateSaturday Sept 26, 2020
Time12:00 to 1:00 PM
Registration Coming soon

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