Accessible & Inclusive Communication Strategies


This webinar is part of our Fall 2020 Building Digital Capacity project.

The project lead for this webinar is Meaghan Strimas, professor and program coordinator of the Professional Writing & Communications Program at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Innovative Learning.

About the Webinar

Did you know that according to Statistics Canada 22% of Canadians live with one or more disabilities?

Accessibility, as it relates to communications and product design, is an emerging industry. Join Caitlyn Crews, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), in this engaging hour-long webinar where she’ll share both the knowledge and resources that will enable you to create experiences everyone can access and enjoy. Learn the key design principles and practices (e.g., using alt text and high-contract colours) for creating accessible copy, websites, infographics, and more.


  • You’ll understand the basic principles of accessible design and communications
  • You’ll know how to begin incorporating accessible design principles in your own documents and products
  • You’ll gain an awareness of what accessibility compliance is according to the Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
  • The following is a list of resources provided during the webinar

About our Guest, Caitlyn Crews

Caitlyn Crews is the national Marketing and Communications Coordinator for CNIB where she’s had the opportunity to develop and execute various projects on a national scale, including comprehensive marketing and communications plans, social media content, strategic plans, annual reports, direct mail campaigns, and copywriting amongst other projects to support a variety of causes within the organization. Caitlyn is a recent graduate (2019) of Humber College’s Professional Writing & Communications program, which is housed in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Innovative Learning. Previously, she completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in English literature, creative writing, and education.

DateMonday Sept 21, 2020
Time6:00 to 7:00 PM

Humber Team

  • Samantha Dolan, Professional Writing & Communications Program, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Ehljeiy Constantino, Bachelor of Film and Media Production, Faculty of Media & Creative Arts

Student Engagement

The following work was completed as part of the WRIT 100 course, supervised by Heba Al-samarrie, professor at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Innovative Learning

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