Entrepreneurship Journey: Insights & Lessons Learned


This webinar is part of our Winter 2021 Success: A Digital Era Edition project.

The project lead for this webinar is Hanadi Alnawab, professor and program coordinator of the Digital Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce program at the Faculty of Business.

About the Webinar

Do you have a great business idea and don’t know where to start? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur and lack the technical and financial knowledge? If you answered yes, then our webinar is the right place for you.

Join the Digital Business Management students as they host a live webinar event on one’s personal journey to entrepreneurship. This webinar features an in-depth insight into starting a business from scratch. You will learn to develop skills of your own and be able to answer the how’s, the why’s, the do’s and the don’ts of starting your business and more importantly, being successful at it!


  • Gain insights into her entrepreneurship journey and what decision paths can lead you to success
  • Learn about web development platforms that are easy to use and incorporate it into starting your own business with some key teachings into some strategies used
  • Develop an awareness to what key experiences and learning opportunities contributed to her success
  • You will understand where to be directed for certain issues and which supports are there for small businesses

About our Guest

Sarah White (LinkedIn), Founder of The Girlpreneur & The Girl Floral Lifestyle Boutique

Sarah White is the Founder of The Girl Floral, launching over four years ago, evolving from a side hustle, to a brick-and-mortar, and finally into a strong e-commerce brand. Her second venture, The Girlprenuer, is a small consulting business which is an online community for helping women in business achieve their desired business goals with her diverse experience in retail, floral design, product development and education.

Sarah holds degrees and certifications from diverse fields. She has a Bachelor of Arts- Sociology degree and Bachelor of Education degree from Western University, London, Ontario, and a graduate certification in Fashion Management and Promotions from Humber College.

Sarah has a profound experience of over five years in education as a teacher for students of all ages. She has hosted several networking events, mentored women entrepreneurs, and has spoken on various panel discussions on entrepreneurship and empowering women in business. We are excited to have Sarah White as our guest to share her experience and knowledge as a proficient entrepreneur with all of you.

Humber Team

  • Eleonora Boridko, Producer
  • Sanjna Kilam, Producer
  • Ejin Zandi, Moderator
  • Sharon Green, Copywriter
  • Lubnaa Aamirah, Copywriter
  • Tran Quynh Nhu Le, Marketing
  • Yusin Slaney, Marketing
  • Tuba Piracha, Marketing

Student Engagement

The following work was completed as part of the WRIT 200 course, supervised by Heba Al-samarrie, professor at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Innovative Learning

  • Jennylene Nolasco & Areeba Jamal (Infographic)
  • Shanae Smallwood & Aaliyahb Abdullahb (Blog)

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