Engaging Teams & Building Culture in Lockdown


This webinar is part of our Winter 2021 Success: A Digital Era Edition project.

The project lead for this webinar is Hanadi Alnawab, professor and program coordinator of the Digital Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce program at the Faculty of Business.

About the Webinar

We’re all in this together! That’s what we keep saying and hearing, but how do we
actually bring this motto to life while we are all so far away from each other? If you’ve
been wondering how to engage your team and build culture during these lockdowns,
you’re definitely not alone.

Our webinar will arm you with tried and tested methods that successful leaders use
daily to engage their teams, keep spirits and motivation high, and cultivate an
enviable corporate culture.

Leader, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Ben Wise from Google will guide you
through his successful methods and how they have impacted his team and company
during these unprecedented times.


  • Learn the signs of disengagement from your team and how to reverse it
  • Understand that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to leading
  • Learn how to give your team the same experience through their screens as you would in person
  • Understand how to give your team the confidence required to properly manage their time while working from home
  • Understand how to empower your team and build lasting and impactful bonds that enrich everyone’s work experience

About our Guest

We are so excited for our guest speaker, Ben Wise, to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with all of you.

Ben earned his HBA and MBA from the Ivey School of Business and is currently the Head of Programmatic Media at Google. He brings to the role 10+ years of experience in sales, consulting, marketing and everything digital media. As head of programmatic media, Ben manages a team of salespeople that work with the largest online advertisers in Canada.

Ben is also actively involved in his community.  In addition to being on the Program Support Committee at Humber, he is the Chair at the Daily Bread Food Bank, where he has been on the Board of Directors for four years. He previously founded and acted as Executive Director of Step By Step Africa, a grassroots organization that plans and implements testing and treatment of HIV/AIDS programs in Ghana and Uganda.

Connect with Ben Wise on LinkedIn!

Humber Team

Student Engagement

The following work was completed as part of the WRIT 200 course, supervised by Heba Al-samarrie, professor at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Innovative Learning

  • James Robertson & Wyatt Darling (Blog)

Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash

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