Emerging Technologies: Augmented Reality


This webinar is part of our Winter 2021 Success: A Digital Era Edition project.

The project lead for this webinar is Hanadi Alnawab, professor and program coordinator of the Digital Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce program at the Faculty of Business.

About the Webinar

If you ask yourself this question often, “The world is changing fast, how do I keep up?” We have the answers for you. Join us as we dive deep into the future of technology and how augmented reality is leading the charge.

Discover the impact future technologies will have on our world and business and how you can stay on top of it all. Learn from an expert in the augmented reality field as he shares his knowledge about how it is shaping our society. Ask questions and get answers about emerging technologies from individuals who are changing our new world and preparing us for the next big ideas.


  • Learn about new technologies impacting society and our workplace
  • Discover how augmented reality works and what it will change in our everyday world
  • Meet and listen to a industry expert in the augmented reality field
  • Ask questions and receive answers about the technology of the future

About our guest

Jon is a Product Manager for Video/3D & AR/VR at Shopify, one of the world’s most iconic ecommerce platforms since 2018. Jon focuses on bringing the immersive power of augmented and virtual reality to online commerce. His team is building the future of experiential retail by enabling merchants to create immersive product experiences by designing 3D content, AR, and VR apps for Shopify. Since his start, Shopify has launched Shopify AR and more recently, a new dimension to product pages with built-in support for 3D models and video. Jon is involved in fundamentally changing the way merchants showcase their products through these technologies. He has over a decade of experience working in multi-disciplinary environments on guiding exploratory VR/AR research and holds a Cognitive Science degree with a specialization in Computation and Cognition from Carleton University.

Connect with Jon Wade on LinkedIn!

Humber Team

  • Gregory Browne, Producer
  • Nhan Ho, Producer
  • Matthew Guido, Moderator
  • Jaya Rao, Moderator/Marketer
  • Francidade Cidade, Marketer
  • Tabrez Khan, Marketer
  • Nicholas Smith, Copywriter
  • Fadumo Ahmed, Copywriter

Student Engagement

The following work was completed as part of the WRIT 200 course, supervised by Heba Al-samarrie, professor at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Innovative Learning

Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

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