EDC Kenya

Entrepreneurship + Digital Livelihoods + Creative Arts

Socio-economic Empowerment of Women Refugees in Kenya

About the Project

This project will seek to address three challenges – women’s access to livelihoods and entrepreneurship opportunities, opportunities to commercialize artistic talents, and overcoming obstacles posed by Covid-19. It will do so by integrating digital entrepreneurship components in skills development courses and utilize online marketplaces to showcase talents in creative arts. A group of female entrepreneurs will establish online businesses using digital tools, strategies, and practices and create peer-to-peer business relationships with female artisans and entrepreneurs in their communities. This project will advance gender equality by providing women with the ability to be self-sufficient, independent of geographic restrictions. It will increase the number of women entrepreneurs from the refugee community and allow the refugee community to monetize their artistic talent through online business practices.

Our implementation partner for this project is CAP Youth Empowerment Institute (CAPYEI); a nongovernment organization created in 2011 that is committed to training out-of-school youth in life skills, and in relevant labour market and entrepreneurial skills in hospitality, hairdressing, automobile repair and maintenance, construction, textiles, IT services and more.

Project Work & Phases

For this project, our team created a fictitious business to be used as a case study throughout the various stages of project work. Our case study is “Kitenge Fashion”, for which we created an information website using WordPress.com, and the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Project Phases:

  1. Digital Curriculum (Jan 10 – Feb 25 2022)
  2. Training of the Trainers (Feb 28 – March 11, 2022)
  3. Mentorship (Summer – more info coming soon)

Project Support

Our Team

Meet our multidisciplinary team of Humber students from The Faculty of Business, The Faculty of Media and Creative Arts, and The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning

Ejin ZandiLinkedInDigital Business Management BComm
Alexa ShtunLinkedInDigital Business Management BComm
Tabassum HawladerLinkedInDigital Business Management BComm
Azi Jamali-AfousiLinkedInDigital Business Management BComm
Mahak JyotLinkedInDigital Business Management BComm
Aleeshia CarmanLinkedInProfessional Writing & Communications
Caroline PoonLinkedInProfessional Writing & Communications
Aliya TononLinkedInBachelor of Creative Advertising
Monica MirandaLinkedInFashion Arts and Business
Erika MisiLinkedInFashion Arts and Business

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