Career Path Coaching

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“Nadine Galszechy needed a professional looking website to showcase her career coaching services. As a web developer, I was tasked with creating a new dynamic website that would appeal to Nadine’s wide range of clientele.  Along with the graphic designer and photographer, we were able to create a new logo, portrait photography and a presentation video for Nadine’s business. The teamwork resulted in a modern looking website with outstanding graphics and consistent branding.” Irina Gorea, WP Developer

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“I was highly impressed by the VEB team led by Hanadi Alnawab. Each member of the project team that designed my website did a superior job. Irina’s web design, coding skills and recommendations were top notch. Spencer has a very creative and skillful ability both with video and photography as well as overall input into the site. And Pedro came up with such bright, eye catching logos that it was difficult to choose just one. Overall the team is extremely gifted and the contributors far surpassed my expectations. Their promptness, responsiveness and patience were exemplary. Under Hanadi’s leadership they delivered superior results. Thank you team!”

Nadine Galszechy, Career Path Coaching

Humber Team:

  • Irina Gorea (LinkedIn), WordPress Development
  • Pedro Oliveira, Graphic Design
  • Spencer Fu (LinkedIn), Photography & Videography
  • Hanadi Alnawab, Program Lead