Budgeting: Your Money & Mental Health


This webinar is part of our Winter 2021 Success: A Digital Era Edition project.

The project lead for this webinar is Meaghan Strimas, professor and program coordinator of the Professional Writing & Communications Program at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Innovative Learning.

About the Webinar

Why is it so difficult to talk about our financial concerns with friends and family? Why do so many of us avoid taking a hard look at how we manage our finances, or how we feel about our financial circumstances? (Shame, anyone?)

Money worries undeniably affect our mental health, especially when we’re studying, and this reality has been compounded by the stresses we’ve experienced throughout the pandemic.

Now, more than ever, we need to develop the knowledge and language that will empower us to better understand and discuss our finances in an informed and articulate way. It’s time to learn the basics of managing our money so we can feel lighter in our daily lives and confident in the quality of our financial futures.

Join Renee Sylvestre-Williams, accomplished journalist and creator of The Budgette, for an engaging discussion on the power of talking freely about money, especially for commonly marginalized groups. Learn the potential of financial conversations, accountability partners and how to feel more proactive and in control of your financial choices.


  • Gain a greater understanding of the correlation between finances and your mental health
  • Learn tips to develop a healthy relationship with your money so you can limit worry, feel more confident and focus on other priorities
  • Develop concrete tactics to approach common money concerns like debt, paying for school and saving for a major purchase
  • Understand the benefits of having financial accountability partners, and develop the confidence to communicate about personal money matters

About our Guest

Renee Sylvestre-Williams is an experienced brand and content manager and accomplished journalist who has strategized with numerous high-level clients, including the likes of Corus Entertainment, American Express, CIBC and Yahoo. When she’s not busy running 30 Communications, her content agency which provides services that vary from content creation to ghostwriting, Renee can be found providing financial mentorship to emerging freelancers. More recently, she has also taken on the role of a part-time professor in the Professional Writing and Communications program at Humber College.

With over 15 years of varied experience creating content on topics such as lifestyle, luxury retail and banking, Renee brings to the table expertise in digital communications, editorializing and freelancing. An accomplished journalist with bylines in The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, Forbes.com and Flare, Renee has a keen interest in addressing the financial needs of single, female-led, Gen Y, and Millennial households. Her newest venture, The Budgette, which was recently named one of the ten best money newsletters by NextAdvisor (part of time TIME), provides budgeting and lifestyle advice for single earners in an informative and unique newsletter.

About our Host

Christopher Middleton is a Toronto-based comedian, writer and podcaster. A graduate of McGill University, Christopher joined the PWC program in September. Chris’s mom thinks he should be more like her favourite comedian, Justin Timberlake.

Humber Team

Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

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