Blogging for BAKE 204

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This extra-curricular project is a collaboration between the Digital Business Management BComm program and the Baking and Pastry Arts Management program.

  • Course professor: Chef Alastair Gray
  • Project supervisor: Hanadi Alnawab
  • Funding: Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Business Team:
    • Natalia Cypcarz
    • Alexa Shtun


The Digital Business students will create a information website with a Coffee Shop Review blog for the BAKE 204 class.

The BAKE 204 class will be visiting various coffee shops in the GTA as part of the their course work, and are required to write and submit a review about the service, presentation of food …etc. Students in the BAKE 204 class will work in groups and submit content for approximately ten reviews (blog posts). The content (text, images, video) will be optimized and posted on the website by the Digital Business Management students.

The project will be completed by the end of the Fall 2022 semester.

About the BAKE 204 Coffee, Tea and Cafe Service Course

Coffee and tea are the most widely consumed beverages on the planet. In this course students examine the science and traditions of tea and coffee production, preparation and service. The course will take students from plantations, where tea and coffee plants are cultivated, through to the harvesting, processing, packaging, distribution and its final destination, your cup. A worldwide variety of products, traditions and ceremonies are reviewed, tasted, and analysed. The students are also able to practice the art of preparation and service of these beverages in a barista style environment. They also experience the marriage of these beverages to pastries made in associated courses and the most appropriate way of serving them in a coffee/tea shop environment.

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