Bakery Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Win 2023)

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About this Cross-Program Collaborative Project

This Winter 2023 project is a collaboration between two programs/courses at the Faculty of Business:

The Web Development students will be working on developing information websites for their colleagues in the Bakery Management and Entrepreneurship course during the semester. A Bake Sale page with an order form will be created to promote the products in preparation for the Bake Sale event that will take place at the end of the semester at Gourmet Express, Humber’s North campus.

Read more about our Winter 2022 collaboration and view the Winter Bake Sale page.

BAKE 253 Class: Team Introductions & Products

Video Intro and Product DescriptionBAKE Team
Milk rice pudding served in a mason jar
Saima, Kiranpreet, Michelle, Thiviya
Three Way
Dessert sushi in three ways, combining three different flavour
Sophia, Jillian, Sabrina, Natalie
Tiramisu in jars with champagne and baileys
Rina, Sarah, Sophie, Emily
Hybrid of nachos and churros, two flavour options: sweet and savoury
Emily, Rachel, Danielle, Ethan
Party in Your Mouth
Filled fried dough ball originating from the middle-east
Ghadah, Arshdeep, Namrah, Valerie, Hafsa
MarshmallowAnh, Earl Spencer, Seyedeh Zakieh, Olivia
Something Beautiful Cakery
Various flavours of bubble waffles topped with ice cream and complementary toppings
Coretta, Crizabella, Jolina, Marie, Ashley
Tasty Bites
Two flavours of ravioli; sweet and savoury, infusing the Italian and Caribbean cultures
Samuel, Nikkia, Alissa
The Cookie Company
Cookie cup with mousse filling
Skylar, Brenda, Natasha
Cake Sundae
Cake truffles in a mason jar with layers of cake and cream
Abigail, Yvonne
Micro Bites
Petit fours in different flavours
Aytan, Aysegul, Melissa, Bahar

BUS 2504 Class: Team Introductions (Tuesday)

BUS 2504 Tuesday classStudents
Group 1 Eleni, Helena, Sabrin, Veronik
Group 2 Ashley, Andrene, Hongjing Tao
Group 3 Chelsea, Natalia Rotter, Vlad, Liza
Group 4 (Fusion) Michelle, Eilish, Kristen, Linta

BUS 2504 Class: Team Introductions (Thursday)

Video Introduction Students
Group 1 (DigiBee)Brenda, Hriday, Jenny, Nisha
Group 2Brandon, Dayith, Keerthi, Rahul
Group 3Inara, Celeste, Hari, Amaan
Group 4Anika, Narmadha, Oleksandr Alex, Vishnurjan 
Group 5 (no submission)Duy, Tran
Group 6Christopher, Giulian, Julian, Pasindu 
Group 7 (M.A.D.S)Alina, Danylo, Milena, Serhii 
Group 8Anhad, Isha, Sebastian, Valeriia
Group 9Dong, Joseph, Nhi
Group 10 (Innova)Carla, Jathuzan, Joshua, Haris
Group 11Matteo, Matthew, Joshua, Mark

Work Breakdown Structure

WeekTask Description
Week 33D Modeling with TinkeCAD:

You need a TinkerCAD account (choose “Personal Account”)
– TinkerCAD workshop part 1, Prof. David Neumann (Watch)
– TinkerCAD workshop part 2, Prod. David Neumann (Watch)
– Folder with all the assets:  BAKE 253 – Winter 2023 Workshop Assets
Week 4OPTIONAL for BUS 2504: Wednesday Feb 1, 2023 North Campus

2:25PM – BCTI 216 for 3D printing demo, followed by L115 lab for software workshop after demo
Week 5Product ideas finalized BAKE
OpenOPTIONAL for BUS 2504: Site visit to the kitchen labs at North campus to meet your assigned team.

All team are in class on Wednesdays with Chef Gray @ 10:45 AM and 2:25 PM

Wednesday Feb 22 is a good day to visit as they will be involved in photoshoots as well.

The groups work with Chef Daniel Gonzalez in the kitchen on the following days/times:

Monday  8:00 – 11:30 AM
Tuesday 1:30 to 5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 – 11:30 AM

BUS 254: connect with your assigned BKAE team and agree on the best time to meet (in-person visit or virtually)
Week 8Website content will be ready and provided to the BUS teamsBAKE
Week 12 Thursday April 6: Tasting Event Day (organized by DBSA)
Lakeshore L1017 (room booked 10 am – 1 pm)
Websites Finalized BUS
Bake Sale project page finalized Hanadi
Week 13Products sold at Gourmet Express North campusBAKE
Week 14Dragon’s Den Presentations BAKE

Photoshoot day Feb 22, 2023 (North campus)

The video below is our Winter 2022 collaboration

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