Bakery Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Winter 2022 Bake Sale

This project took place during the Winter 2022 semester. Read more about this project and the process.

The products below were developed by our Baking and Pastry Arts Management students during the Winter 2022 semester, and sold on April 13 & 14, 2022 at Gourmet Express, Humber’s North Campus.

S’n’S Sweet & Savoury Buns

Four assorted spiral buns

  1. S’mores: Rich cocoa filling, toasted marshmallow, and graham cracker crumbs
  2. Chocolate covered strawberry: Ooey-gooey chocolate chip filling with fresh sliced strawberries garnished with a sliced dried strawberry
  3. Pepperoni pizza: Marinara sauce and pepperoni; topped with creamy mornay sauce
  4. Rosemary & garlic: Oven roasted garlic and hand-rubbed rosemary brushed with herb compound butter

YAHA Mousse Co

We are inspired by fresh tasting desserts that most Canadians haven’t had a chance to experience. That’s why our desserts have unique, fresh flavours layered with soft, soaked sponge cakes and freshly whipped, flavoured creams!


Divine Alfajores

Divine Alfajores is a proudly run female company. Inspired by the popular Peruvian cookies, Divine Alfajores aims to elevate taste buds with this truly divine creation. Like we always say – delicious, is exactly what we do.

Divine Alfajores

Our flavors are:

  • Original alfajore
  • Coconut alfajore
  • Apple spiced alfajores
  • Strawberry lemon alfajore
  • Blueberry macha alfajore
  • Marzipan alfajore


  1. Nutella – A vanilla bean base marshmallow with ripples of Nutella throughout and additional swirls on top. Garnished with a piece of Ferrero Rocher
  2. S’mores – A vanilla bean marshmallow on a graham cracker base, half torched and half dipped in decadent dark chocolate with graham cracker crumbles on top
  3. Strawberry – A strawberry base marshmallow with ripples of strawberry coulis throughout and additional swirls on top. Garnished with a piece of freeze dried strawberry

Tipsy Trio

  • Triangular macarons that can be dipped in flavoured toppings (note: dips contain alcohol)
  • Flavours: Chocolate, Sour Key, Piña Colada, Banana Strawberry Daiquiri, Caramel
  • Price: $15 (2 boxes with four flavours)
  • Meet the teams: Bakers & Web Developers
  • Browse the Website
  • Watch the Final Group Project


  • Layered cheesecake cupcakes
  • Flavours: maple vanilla, milk chocolate, and mint chocolate
  • Price: $20 (box of 6)
  • Meet the teams: Bakers & Web Developers

Sweet Puffs

Go Nuts for Donuts

Daisy’s Afternoon Tea

  • Afternoon tea in a box for four
  • Flavours: Lemon Tart with Raspberries, Sweet Ricotta Fritters, Poppy Seed Bun
  • Price: $20 (box for 4)
  • Meet the teams: Bakers & Web Developers
  • Website

Magical Bunnies

  • Bunny shaped pastries with chocolate ganache filling
  • Price: $10 (box of 6 bunnies)
  • Meet the teams: Bakers & Web Developers
  • Website

Flour Puff Girls

Flavours: Red Velvet Stuffed with Cream cheese Icing and topped with white chocolate drizzle, S’mores cookie stuffed with milk chocolate and topped with halal marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate drizzle, Biscoff cookie stuffed with cookie butter and topped with a biscoff cookie and cookie butter drizzle, Brownie cookie stuffed with caramel and topped with caramel and flakey sea salt

  • Four monster cookies
  • Price: $15 (box of 4)
  • Meet the teams: Bakers & Web Developers


  • Choux in the appearance of a donut, in 4 unique flavours: Nutty London Fog, Honey Peach, Strawberry Prosecco, and Kahlua Cream
  • Price: $15 (box of 4)
  • Meet the teams: Bakers & Web Developers
  • Website

Beyond Imitation

Beyond Imitation specializes in making sumptuous and delicious desserts that imitate the look of real food non-dessert items like takoyaki, sushi, and ramen. These food desserts are inspired by Japanese cuisine.

The French Sweets

  • Double stuffed macarons
  • Flavours: Blueberry, raspberry, passion fruit, and mango
  • Price: $20
  • Meet the teams: Bakers & Web Developers
  • Website

  • Day/time: Wednesday April 13, 2022 and Thursday April 14, 2022 before 12:00 noon
  • Location: Gourmet Express, Humber College North Campus (map)

About this Cross-Program Collaborative Project

This Winter 2022 project is a collaboration between two programs/courses at the Faculty of Business:

The Web Development students worked on developing information websites for their colleagues in the Bakery Management and Entrepreneurship course during the semester. Both teams (Bakers and Web Developers) were asked to provide feedback and reflect on their experience in order to improve future project collaboration.

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