All Seasons Lifestyle Concierge

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About All Seasons Lifestyle Concierge:

All Seasons Lifestyle Concierge is a small business located in Burlington, Ontario. They provide a wide range of services to seniors who wish to stay in their own homes as well as people who just need a little extra help no matter what the life season.


The Project:

Web development, branding, and graphic design.


Partial funding for this project provided by Humber College’s Applied Research & Innovation.

Process – Graphic Design:

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“The opportunity to work with Humber College was an amazing experience for me and I am so thankful for the partnerships that have been developed. After an exhaustive effort of searching for a website designer for my new business venture, I was referred and directed to Hanadi Alnawab – Program Coordinator, Digital Business Management, Humber College, and we instantly felt that this was going to be a positive experience for both of us. Her professionalism, patience, follow-up, and her ‘word’, were the things that made this an enjoyable process, and the entire design experience a seamless opportunity. Hanadi’s knowledge and understanding of small business needs was evident in her interaction with me from the start. After discussing my needs and goals, this venture quickly became a collaborative effort with some of Humber College’s current students with whom I felt at ease working, planning, and discussing ideas for how this would develop. My experience was nothing short of incredible in terms of working with this team and I felt humbled to have had the opportunity to interact with bright young students trying to achieve a common goal.

Michallia Marks and Brook Charlinski were the inspiring and talented students responsible for the Web, Graphic Design, and Content Strategy. Both of these two young women took on the project with enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of professional judgement throughout the creative process from start to finish. Their character speaks volumes for what this program is doing for our youth. The Humber College experience gave me an opportunity to partner with young students who are passionate about their future goals. It was refreshing to work in such an environment where students were given the opportunity to further develop confidence and bolster their own learning and apply this to a real business opportunity using their school experiences and first-hand knowledge. I felt at ease knowing that they were extremely knowledgeable in current applications and technology and at the same time, understanding of my needs and purpose for the business. The entire process was truly a positive experience for me and I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to work with current and innovative young team members who have very specific goals in mind.

This program, without question, puts students in a great position to establish themselves for healthy collaboration with businesses in a win-win opportunity for mentorship as well as relationship building for future endeavours. These are real-world experiences that provide students with the confidence to continue to build their skills. Both Michallia and Brook were articulate, mature, open-minded, and professional from start to finish and I wish them both continued success in their future careers.”

George Trojanovic, All Seasons Lifestyle Concierge

Humber Team:

Faculty Lead:

Web, Graphic Design, and Content Strategy: