AI Generated Content (Bake Project Winter 2023)


For each of the products below, hold and drag the arrow to compare the AI generated image vs. the actual image of the product!

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Kheer: Milk rice pudding decorated with pistachios and served in a mason jar with cookie

Three Way Sushi: Dessert in the shape of Sushi with chocolate and caramel dip

Su-Shots: Tiramisu in jars with champagne and baileys decorated with chocolate powder and chocolate bits

Nachurros: Hybrid of nachos and churros with strawberries and chocolate dip

Party in Your Mouth: Filled fried dough ball covered with chocolate

Marshmallow: Hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolates

Something Beautiful Cakery: Bubble waffles topped with ice cream and chocolate served in jar

Tasty Bites: Two flavors of ravioli; sweet and savory, infusing the Italian and Caribbean cultures served with strawberry dip

The Cookie Company: Cookie cup with mousse filling

Cake Sundae: Cake truffles in a mason jar with layers of cake and cream

Micro Bites: Petit fours in different flavors with nuts and chocolate

Photo Credits:

  • Pastries produced by students of the BAKE 253 Bakery Management & Entrepreneurship course, taught by Chef Alastair Gray, and photographed by Rohan Dayal
  • AI generated images created using Canva‘s Text-to-Image AI tool, produced by students of the BUS 2504 Wed Development course, taught by Hanadi Alnawab.

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