About the Fall 2021 series

Workplace Post-Covid

Employability Skills, Management, and Networking within the Virtual Space

The following webinars are produced by students from the FASH4500 class at the Faculty of Business, in collaboration with the Digital Business Student Association and Humber Online Solutions.

Webinar / Recording Guests
Workplace Post-CovidBen Wise
Paul Meo
Ali Sifton
Sean Power
Mastering Virtual EventsChrissy Gow
Catrina Franzoi
Tyler Cake
Future Proof Your CareerGayatri Seth
Laura Zambon
Sydney Shaw
Fashion Forward Thinking in BusinessJulia Bursey
Kaitlyn Fitzgerald
Ericka Bowins
Maggie Clarke
Take Control of Your Career
Natalie Angelidis
Meredith Hynes
Jessica Smart
Estelle Zentil

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