About Us

Our Vision

Who We Are
– Passionate educators from various programs and faculties at Humber College
What We Do
– Engage our students in collaborative projects with other faculties, alumni and industry
How We Do It
– Collaborate with colleagues on designing multidisciplinary class projects
Why We Do It
– To provide our students with unique experiential learning opportunities

Our Team

Program Lead

Hanadi Alnawab, Faculty of Business (LinkedIn)

Hanadi is the Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Commerce – Digital Business Management degree program at The Faculty of Business, Humber College. She has been teaching at The Faculty of Business since 2006, and successfully leading Humber Online Solutions since she started it in 2015. Hanadi is a passionate teacher and enjoys working with her students on various projects both inside and outside the classroom. She has been recognized as the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award 2018, and the League For Innovation in the Community College – Innovation of the Year Award 2019. Learn more about her work @ HanadiAlnawab.com

Faculty Leads

Meaghan Strimas, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LinkedIn)

Meaghan is the Program Coordinator of the Professional Writing & Communications program. Her students have been contributing to HOS since 2018 by writing content for small businesses in Ontario, as well as planning and producing webinars in collaboration with alumni.

Heba Al-Samarrie, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LinkedIn)

Heba teaches the English writing courses at the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences. She joined HOS in 2019 when her students collaborated with small businesses in Ontario to produce blog posts for their websites. Currently, her students attend the webinars produced by students in other programs and produce three types of blog posts: summary, reflection, and info-graphs, allowing students to practice “transfer of skills” in which they apply the writing skills taught in the course to other writing genres.

Humber Students

  • Alexa Shtun (LinkedIn), video editor
  • Mentors: TBC

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