About the Program

Since 2015, small and medium-sized businesses have had the opportunity to work with Humber College to develop and integrate technology into their business. The program matches skilled students with local businesses to optimize and develop their online presence. Using Humber College’s resources, the business partners can build a sustainable platform to further their business goals and overcome challenges.

By partnering with students, businesses will offer unique and vital industry experience that will assist in the development of essential soft skills. This relationship contributes to the training of highly qualified graduates, which promotes exposure for Ontario businesses and a diverse, multi-generational market of business connections.

The HumberOnline.Solutions team is grateful to Humber’s Applied Research & Innovation and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) for their continued support and funding of this program and commitment to building a lasting impact on the Humber community and student development.

YearBusinessesResearch AssistantsClasses*Faculties
2019-20201321 BUS 2504
FASH 4500
DIGI 4501
WRIT 100
WRIT 200
Business, Media, LAS
2018-2019936 BUS 2504
FASH 4500
DIGI 4501
Business, Media, LAS
2017-2018915 BUS 2504Business, Media
2016-20176 9 BUS 2504Business, Media
2015-20165 17 N/ABusiness, Media

* Classes Involved

  • BUS 2504 Web Development, Faculty of Business
  • FASH 4500 e-Retailing, Faculty of Business
  • DIGI 4501 Applied Business Project, Faculty of Business
  • WRIT 100 College Reading and Writing Skills, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • WRIT 200 Workplace Writing Skills, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences